Dear CEO...





What don’t you know? What don’t you see? What is your technology team NOT telling you?

These questions keep us awake at night.

Being a CEO or business owner is tough. It’s tougher when you don’t have the strategic and tactical information that you need.

“I help business owners to UNFUK their software and technology teams.” – Darrell O’Donnell, Founder

Are you staring at a massively shifting landscape in technology? Is your technology team too focused on fixing issues from the past and current crises to advise you? Do you know what you’re missing?





3 main reasons…





UNFUK – Unleash New Futures, Understanding & Knowledge.

What does that mean? Well, at the highest level that’s what we do – but that’s a nebulous concept and feels kind of high-brow. So what is it really? We work with our clients to UNFUK their software and technology teams. We also needed to make an acronym. And the more explicit unf** was taken and not suitable for advertising broadly…






“I help business owners to UNFUK their software and technology teams” – Darrell O’Donnell, Founder

If you find that statement crass or offensive you don’t have a f***ed up software or technology team.

If that statement resonates – reach out. We’ve been there. We know what it feels like. AND – how to fix it.


“…peace of mind brought to our organization was priceless, leadership, encouragement and the ability to trust but verify raised our confidence and landed us a Billion dollar project!”

Shelley Armato

CEO, MySmartPlans

If you’re a CEO considering hiring him, here’s the question you should ask yourself: do you trust your tech team right now? In other words, when they are executing, do you trust that it will be done on time, on spec, and without major bugs? Before Darrell, my answer was “hell no,” and post Darrell, it’s “yes.” So if that’s your situation, then Darrell should be an easy “yes” for you.

Jonathan Hudson

CEO, The Hero Co

“You guys are like having someone in your corner that retains everything the world has to offer to make shit happen”

Terry Aucoin

CEO, OnPar Solutions

“He sees through all the excuses and cuts to the solution. If you can face the truth, then Darrell will make your project as efficient and effective as possible.”

Gordon Freedman

CEO/Founder, Serial Entrepreneur

Darrell was introduced to our company in summer 2015 and went along with us for 4 months. He left the company in a way better state than it was beforehand, by focusing on improving workflows and structure both in tech and everywhere. His outside view allowed us to find improvements very quickly. The best thing about Darrell: he not only knows how to develop a company but is also a big geek inside – there’s probably no tech challenge he couldn’t solve.

Matteo Savio

CEO, Ajado GmbH

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