Yesterday (02MAR2016) was a huge day for the world of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality.

Meta released Meta 2.0…

OK – So What Is That?

Just the most advanced Augmented Reality kit around.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a subset of Virtual Reality and it is where I see the biggest UNFUK-ing potential. The coolness of immersive VR is neat – but who is going to spend their whole day locked into a VR rig? Not many – and they won’t be terribly social peeps.

But AR? It’s huge. The potential to tear apart the user experience approaches that we have had for ages – laptops with windows (yes Mac too), smartphones and the like force us to learn so much. But AR? It has the potential to truly Augment our reality.

Metavision 2.0 (simulated) []

Some of the CEOs and investors that I counsel have asked my Meta is different than other players. Here’s a few (we brief more deeply obviously with clients):

  • it’s been out there and they have real clients. Meta has a huge stack of clients already in place.
  • They are investing in the User Experience heavily. They aren’t just a hardware stack.
  • They have the right vision – and they share some of it publicly…

What Can I Do With It?

Here are just a few Personal and Business uses:

Shopping - imagine messages about bargains and better prices popping up as you look at an existing item.Direct Client Sharing - push images, videos, and interactive holograms to your client in real-time while solving a problem.
Meeting - Receive messages from loved ones while in business meetings. Nobody else needs to know. No looking at your phone (or watch).Notifications - receive critical notifications that your AI/assistant has vetted, knowing that only you see the input.
Running Companion - when these devices get down to sunglass size you'll be able to see all the data you want and get directions (for running in new areas).Schematic & Instruction Overlay - Holographic images and text will supplement your view of the real-world. You'll know which way to orient things, what the next step is and more.
Stay In Touch - Keep an eye on things that are happening as you go through your day. Facebook and other feeds can just trickle through when you need a break.Live Intel - receive updates from your team as you're in negotiations on that key deal.
Directions - directions are automatically shown to you while you drive, bike, and walk to your destinations. And you won't miss those cool new places because your friends tips will show up as you go by.Meetings - Keep on top of the agenda, action items (flick things into the parking lot!).

What Should I Do With It (CEO Learning)

This is on the Bleeding Edge of technology, so don’t run out and buy it. Instead, start thinking about what it will mean in a year or two for you.

(and yes – I’ve already ordered my developer kit…)

What’s going to stop it from mass adoption now? Largely the size and ungainliness. It’s big and dorky looking – though I think an X-Wing pilot may have been wearing one under his helmet…


In some industries (factory floors, aerospace, and more) it makes sense to immediately look at how you will deploy this when it is mass available.


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