Technology should be adding massive value to your company. If it isn’t – it needs a good UNFUK-ing.

Scary sounding idea?

Not really.

If your business is suffering due to a dysfunctional software or technology team you want to fix it.

It’s simple.

But when you’re looking from the inside it is brutally hard.

You have 2 choices:

  1. Tough it out and hope that you can dig yourself and your team out of the hole you’re in.
  2. Bring in someone that can show you the fastest and most effective way to turn the mess into a high caliber team.

It’s your call. Learn it all yourself over time, or get it fixed so you can focus on building your business.

Let’s get in touch.

Terry Aucoin, CEO, OnPar Solutions Inc.

"You guys are like having someone in your corner that retains everything the world has to offer to make shit happen."

Jonathan Hudson, CEO, The Hero Co

If you’re a CEO considering hiring him, here’s the question you should ask yourself: do you trust your tech team right now? In other words, when they are executing, do you trust that it will be done on time, on spec, and without major bugs?

Before Darrell, my answer was “hell no,” and post Darrell, it’s “yes.” So if that’s your situation, then Darrell should be an easy “yes” for you.

Gordon Freedman, Serial Entrepreneur

"He sees through all the excuses and cuts to the solution. If you can face the truth, then Darrell will make your project as efficient and effective as possible."

UNFUK Engagements

How do we work together?

It really depends. If your situation is acute, and it likely is, we will most likely need to meet face-to-face to figure out what is really needed. After that options can range from:

  • Advisory – we work with you and your team to break the negative patterns that are causing problems, replacing them with positive patterns.
  • Deep Intervention – we join your team as an executive and effect change directly.
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