BLUF (bottom line up front): Business Owners and CEOs can use #SuperBowl50 to learn how technology may impact their business through #SuperBowl50 (and the futuristic #SuperBowl100). 


Super Bowl is here. Or is it?

Wired has a sports report from 50 years from now. Yes, you read that right. They have published a speculative fiction article about where technology could take us in 50 years. It’s a good read.

But can we (business owners and CEOs) learn directly from it? Can we glean lessons that apply to our businesses?

Absolutely. It’s a fun article and covers off some predictions about #SuperBowl50 and #SuperBowl100, but let’s focus in on what we can learn from it.

Give the article a read – and think about the following:

  • What technologies are in my industry that threaten everything? Think about the TicketMaster CEO that has already started planning to sell virtual seats – selling the same seat over and over to thousands or millions and allowing them to upgrade/downgrade mid-game. He’s seen the opportunity and is beginning to find ways to capitalize on it already – at the time of #SuperBowl50.
  • What technologies are my competitors (include the copycats and crooks) able to subvert to their own use? The scalpers in the article continue to play a game of technology leapfrog. Are your competitors copying your use of technology or are you truly leading?
  • How can you use technology from another industry to change the game for your company? Think of the ratings agency that extended its formal ratings into the knees of players. That’s growing into adjacent markets!
  • What aren’t you seeing? As you read the article think about technology that is radically changing and consider impacts. Example: the melding of human and machine – exoskeletons augment a human; the replacement of humans – automated referee systems removed the human from the game. But also consider where the human is best – where does a human add the real magic and value that distinguishes your company and its products and services?

The article is great to about the halfway point (half time – hah!) but gets a tad repetitive after that. To me the nuggets are all in the first half. Overall many of the technologies that are mentioned will hit us way faster than 50 years out – but the ideas are good.



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