What a week. Back home from an incredible 5-day business conference (Business Mastery) and we are rocking things out. UNFUK was floated as a new brand for us and I can’t believe how awesome the feedback has been. This includes validation from the inestimable Jay Abraham – that’s me having a quick Q&A with Jay in the picture.
Seth Godin just pushed an awesome note out about “On Average, Averages Are Stupid“.
It is totally in line with the learning we all did this week.
It’s a very short article but it is full of amazing insight, as it the norm for Seth’s work:
  • “Averages almost always hide insights instead of exposing them.”
  • “The hard part about telling the truth with numbers often isn’t finding the truth. It’s having the guts to share the truth.”
On the software/technology side I see this all the time. Our clients tend to look at the full team and its output but ignore the dynamics that may be causing the team to under-perform massively. We fix this for them.
If you have a technology team here are a few things to think about:
  • Remove Poisonous People – be sure to look for that person that may be poisoning the environment. Then adjust them. If they won’t stop – REMOVE them and watch the performance of your team soar. Think of it as an upgrade, except in the world of software, that new developer may be 10X-1000X improvement – not an incremental change.
  • Find the SuperStar/RockStar – if you have a few developers who are completely off the charts in comparison to your other developers think deeply about them. Where did you find them? How did their interviews go? Did their references talk about them being massively capable? When did they start to shine (before or after you hired them)?
If you’re a Business Mastery graduate don’t forget that you’ve got a free “UNFUK-ing” session to take advantage of. As you may know I help Business Owners & CEOs to UNFUK their Software Teams.

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