Fundamentally it came from 2 things:

  • When describing what we do, I came up with a single sentence that summed things up pretty much perfectly. It let potential clients know whether there was something worth exploring immediately. “I help business owners un-f**k their software teams” worked – a bit too well.
  • The realization that UNF**K wasn’t quite right. It was too explicit – literally, and posed 2 major problems: 1. You can’t really advertise with the word “f**k” in your name. and 2. The word “f**k” is only to jar things – it doesn’t need to be in our faces all the time.

When we tried other phrases we just didn’t get anything near the response. Try this out – fill in the blank here: “We help business owners ______ their software and technology teams.”

We tried a ton: “un-screw”, “un-mess”, “optimize”, “un-f**k” (already covered), “improve”, … well, you get the idea.

They didn’t work.

When you’re “f**ked” the word applies.

Other words blunt or misdirect the reality of where you are.

So – we figured out a cheeky acronym:

FUK = Fear, Uncertainy, and Kaos (well, FUC wouldn’t quite do it would it?) is where our clients start.

UNFUK = Unleash New Futures, Understanding and Knowledge is where we end up together.

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