3 main reasons…

  • The UNFUK brand was created to capture the essence of what we are about. We help our clients go from a messed up situation with their software and technology teams to create high caliber teams that meet and exceed their needs. They get UNFUKed.
  • We saw too many business owners suffering. Business that were suffering and failing and taking down the entrepreneurs down with them. Opportunities missed. Dreams crushed. All due to a massively dysfunctional use of software and technology, which should be points of massive leverage for a business owner. Marriages stressed and failing – because of what? Because nobody was being blunt enough to poke people in the eye to tell them there is a better way.
  • To jar you into wondering what the heck we are thinking. We want your attention. If UNFUK scares you off that’s good. That’s what the brand is about – it repels and attracts. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time. If you’re in a situation and need help getting out of it – you know that UNFUK is for you.


Terry Aucoin, CEO, OnPar Solutions Inc.

“You guys are like having someone in your corner that retains everything the world has to offer to make shit happen.”

Jonathan Hudson, CEO, The Hero Co

If you’re a CEO considering hiring him, here’s the question you should ask yourself: do you trust your tech team right now? In other words, when they are executing, do you trust that it will be done on time, on spec, and without major bugs?

Before Darrell, my answer was “hell no,” and post Darrell, it’s “yes.” So if that’s your situation, then Darrell should be an easy “yes” for you.

Gordon Freedman, Serial Entrepreneur

“He sees through all the excuses and cuts to the solution. If you can face the truth, then Darrell will make your project as efficient and effective as possible.”

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